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AgriLabor Salutes the American Farmer

Americans enjoy plentiful food on their own tables and in restaurants that is diverse, affordable, and among the safest in the world. For this, we owe thanks to more than 2 million farms in the United States, many of which are managed by American families. It is farm and ranch families who feed the world.

AgriLabor supports American farmers by providing much of the labor necessary to maintain farms and to harvest life-sustaining crops.

We take pride in managing the best farm labor business in the area. We Help Feed the World.

Certified for Quality and Ethics

Clearview is a global certification that recognizes eligible Farm Labor Contractors in the U.S. for operating responsibly, professionally, legally and ethically, in their sourcing, supply, and management of workers.


We support farmers with H2A labor. AgriLabor is an E-Verify company. Reach out today for an estimate.

H-2A Services

As H2A specialists, we offer full farm labor services to farmers.

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Customer Testimonials

AgriLabor provides trained, and hard-working H2A workers for us each year. Cherries are hard to predict, and a lot is on the line when it’s time to pick them. We don’t get a lot of sleep during this time but can always count on this company to come through when needed.

Local Cherry Grower

Our business is primarily apples in the Columbia Basin area. We only need big crews of workers for pruning and picking. Workers have to be safe and have to be there when we’re told they’ll be there. AgriLabor does both. Thanks.

Local Apple Farmer

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