H-2A Farm Labor

AgriLabor Offers Customized H2A Services

​H-2A is presently the only legal solution to fill the growing need for Agriculture Labor where there is a lack of local workers available to fill the necessary positions for crops to be grown or fully harvested.

AgriLabor is one of the largest H-2A employers in the Western United States and has been utilizing the H-2A Guest Worker Program to bring the best farmhands from abroad to its customers since 2005.

AgriLabor prides itself on being the best H-2A provider for the following reasons:​


Good work starts with good people. At AgriLabor, we specialize in the selection of experienced and crop-specific workers, personally interviewing and recruiting before bringing the guest workers to the US. We ensure they have the experience, expertise, and attitude required to work for the best.


AgriLabor handles all the transportation to Ports of Entry, trips to the US Consulate for Visas and ensures guest workers obtain all required documentation including social security numbers.

We take similar actions when guest workers return to their home country. AgriLabor customers are not impacted by the intricacies and details of the guest worker program, allowing them to keep their focus on their own business operations.


We get our boots dirty! AgriLabor is different than most H-2A labor providers because we insist on taking an active role in the in-field/job site management of our employees.

Housing and meals

Housing, meals, laundry…It’s all managed by AgriLabor! On-site staffing ensures the day-to-day necessities of each worker are met.


AgriLabor manages, completes and files all daily/weekly/monthly required reporting to governmental agencies with official oversight of the H-2A Guest Worker program.


Need crop specific special handling? No problem! AgriLabor employees are provided hands-on training to meet specific harvest requirements of customers.


All workers, whether domestic or guest, are offered voluntary, no-cost transportation to the work site by AgriLabor.

Employee Retention

Going the extra mile, we work hard to assure that the same trained workers return yearly, often to the same client, by keeping in touch with employees through various means when they return to their home country. Many guest workers call us to confirm they are available and ready to return!

AgriLabor Helps Feed the World
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